CGD - 2021-64 Concrete, Drainage & Asphalt Maintenance Works

1.   All Works are located throughout the City of Greater Dandenong
2.   These Works comprise of 3 Major Components - Concrete Works, Drainage Works and Asphalt Maintenance Works each to be assessed individually as set out in the Schedule of Rates with a minimum 2 Contractors selected for each component.

3.   Council’s footpath standards have changed, and all prices quoted in the Schedule 2 shall include all excavations and tipping of spoil (all associated costs) in order to obtain the nominal depths required for the increased thickness of path.

4.  Asphalt Maintenance Works Tendered Rates will include all allowances for the removal and tipping fees of old asphalt by the Contractor.  

Tender close at 2:00 pm on Thursday 24 June 2021.

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