Contract 2019-2020-45 - Centenary Park Golf Course Irrigation Upgrade

  Location: VIC, Australia

Contact Details

  Davina Greene
  (03) 9784 1875

Opportunity Details

This project is to upgrade the existing irrigation system at Centenary Park Golf Course by implementing stage 1 of CPGC Irrigation Review.

Works include but are not limited to the following:

Replace multicore cable with 2 core cable in conduit;
Install single address decoders to existing solenoid valves;
Replace controller with a decoder based, user friendly, mobile accessible, multi user and feature enhanced controller;
Install master valve and flow sensor;
Replace solenoid valves;
Install storage dam fill/shut off capacity with visual/mobile phone alerts; and
As constructed survey

The tender closes at 4pm on Friday 13 December 2019

For more information please visit our website:

Council Contact: Garry Woolard,