CGD - 1819-20 Installation of Traffic Signals & Associated Works at the Intersection of Thomas & Scott Streets, Dandenong

Contact Details

  Greater Dandenong, City of
  (03) 8571 1000
  (03) 8571 5196

  Location: VIC, Australia

Opportunity Details

This contract is for the installation of traffic signals at the intersection of Thomas Street and Scott Street in Central Dandenong. All works will be in accordance with the plans and specification.

The contractor will need to take into consideration the reinstatement of landscaped and paved areas and is to note the granite kerbs, coloured and stencilled concrete and asphalt streetscape.

 Liaison with local traders and the control of traffic will need to be carefully considered as this area is subject to quite a large amount of traffic.

 Street lighting associated with this project and the electrical point of supply has been installed by others. Plans of this work are provided for information.

Tender close at 2:00 pm on Tuesday 9 October 2018.

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