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Welcome to the Autumn 2018 edition of Capability News. We hope the first quarter of the new year has been a productive and fruitful one for you and your business.

ICN SA is working with BHP on an exciting pre-feasibly study for a modern underground rail materials handling system to support the expansion of the Olympic Dam mining operations. It is the first time BHP has used ICN Gateway in South Australia and we look forward to helping then engage and partner with local suppliers across a range of services.

The Phillip Island Little Penguins are getting a new home, and ICN Victoria is taking expressions of interest through Gateway for companies interested in contributing to this iconic project. Not only will this project boost regional jobs, it will also give local business a chance to be part of Australia’s natural history.

Further north along the Murray, John Holland is undertaking the largest irrigation modernisation project in the country. Businesses across the Murray region have been hearing about the project via a series of industry briefings.

Speaking of industry briefings, approximately 50 South Australian business people recently attended a forum to hear Defence SA CEO, Richard Price, give a presentation about the Impact of Australian Defence Industry Policy on Australia and Particularly South Australia.

We are also thrilled to showcase ICN Gateway subscriber, ICON Engineering, which has won major contracts with Woodside and Ichthys.

For those that missed the original podcast, we have also included a link to the interview that ICN NSW Executive Director, Peter Webster, did with Defence Connect towards the end of 2017.

We hope you enjoy the first edition of Capability News for 2018 and we look forward to bringing you more information and updates through the year.


Don Matthews Chair, ICN Executive Directors

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Underground rail project to support Olympic Dam expansion

With the ongoing expansion of the Olympic Dam mining operations into the Southern Mine Area (SMA), ICN South Australia is working with BHP to seek expressions of interest in a pre-feasibility study for a modern underground rail materials handling system to support underground growth.

Iconic tourist attraction ready for upgrade

For nearly a century, since three locals took visitors by torchlight to see the Little Penguins came ashore, tourists have flocked to Phillip Island, 90 minutes from Melbourne, each evening.

The much-loved Penguin Parade is an Aussie icon – up there with Vegemite, Hills Hoist and Tim Tams.

Irrigation project boosts regional opportunities

John Holland is looking for a range of sub-contractors, suppliers and employees to participate in the delivery of works on what is the largest irrigation modernisation project in Australia and has been hosting industry briefings throughout the Goulburn-Murray region.

Supply chain monitoring and reporting simplified with ICN Analytics

 ICN Victoria has launched a secure network platform that collects, analyses and presents local content and jobs’ data.

SA: The Defence State

Under the Naval Shipbuilding Plan, the South Australia workforce will include 5200 shipbuilding jobs from the mid-2020s. This is an increase of 3500 new jobs from the peak of the Air Warfare Destroyer with a further 4500 jobs in the national supply chain.

ICN helps in building industry relationships

Executive director of ICN NSW Peter Webster has likened ICN to an “industrial dating service”.

In a podcast interview with Defence Connect, Peter said the ultimate aim of ICN was to “forge relationships” between large buyers and local suppliers, manufactures and contractors.

WA engineering firms wins big with major projects

ICON Engineering is a WA success story. Its clients operate all over the world, yet after 21 years in operation, this specialist oil and gas engineering firm still values the local business opportunities it can identify through industry portals such as ICN Gateway.

Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference 2018

ICN is supporting the Victorian Transport Infrastructure Conference, which is back for its tenth consecutive year! The two-day event provides a platform for valuable networking opportunities and participation in knowledge-sharing with industry experts.

Essential Civil Security Event

Australia’s first conference focusing on the non-defence elements of national and civil security will be held in Melbourne in May 2018.

CIVSEC 2018 will encompass the broad spectrum of civil security, policing, homeland security, border protection, resource and infrastructure protection, emergency management, disaster response and humanitarian assistance.  

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