Defence boost for Shoalhaven SMEs

ICN NSW has helped connect local Shoalhaven contractors with securing almost 20 per cent of the trade packages for major capital facilities works at HMAS Albatross.

There have been three major projects in the local area: the N2222 Seahawk Romeo Helicopter Facilities project; the JP 9000 Phase 7 Helicopter Aircrew Training Systems Facilities project (HATS); and the N2183 HMAS Albatross Stage 3 Redevelopment project.

The delivery stage for N2222 Seahawk Romeo Helicopter Facilities project began in October 2013, with Stage 1 SSWC being completed in September 2014 and Stage 2 Squadron Facility in December 2014. The N2183 project began in July 2013, and the JP9000 in June 2015. Both are due for completion by mid-2017.

Lendlease were engaged as head contractor to construct the N2222 Seahawk Romeo Helicopter facilities project and are the Managing Contractor for the HATS project. Leighton Contractors (now known as CPB Contractors Pty Ltd) are the managing contractor on the HMAS Albatross Redevelopment project.

ICN Consultant Wally Hirsh said in early 2014 ICN NSW held a joint supplier briefing session at HMAS Albatross to introduce local businesses to the two main contractors.

‘Lendlease and Leighton Contractors were faced with a diverse range of interest from council, communication and business associations, and in response ICN was able to assist by enabling local contractors to tender for works across the projects,’ Wally said.

‘We used local media and our established networks to call for interested suppliers to register their interest via our online Gateway.’

In late 2014 ICN NSW applied for Supplier Access to Major Project funding to:

  • Introduce SMEs to the Defence-related projects,
  • Offer import placement opportunities nationally through ICN Gateway
  • Host Supplier briefings for the region
  • Provide feedback to SMEs that have expressed interest in project opportunities; and
  • Further develop local and regional capabilities to support Defence in the major expansion at HMAS Albatross.

This funding was approved in December 2015, and was supported by the NSW State Government role of introducing local industry to major projects.

Across the works at HMAS Albatross, ICN Gateway assisted with a total of 82 work packages, resulting in 500 separate businesses putting in expressions of interests.

With the HATS and HMAS Albatross Stage 3 Redevelopment project reaching finalisation by mid-2017, ICN is now assisting Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon in establishing their respective procurement teams in finding their new suppliers in the Shoalhaven area to perform warranty and whole of life services for the new facilities and equipment on the base.

More information about how ICN works can be found on our website.