Australia's largest freight infrastructure project boost for South West

ICN NSW is working with Qube Holdings on the development of Moorebank Logistics Park, which will transform the way containerised freight moves through Port Botany and deliver significant economic and environmental benefits.

The $2B project, on 243-hectares in south-west Sydney, will include an import-export (IMEX) rail terminal, interstate terminal, up to 850,000sqm of warehousing and direct rail access to Port Botany.

When complete, it will move more than one million freight containers in and out of Port Botany by rail instead of road, delivering significant time and cost savings to importers, exporters, businesses and consumers.

It is expected to to attract importers and national distributors due to the logistics efficiencies of being co-located with IMEX and interstate rail terminals, resulting in lower transport costs.

The project is committed to ensuring environmental targets are achieved with the reduction of more than 3,000 container truck movements on Sydney’s roads every day as well as the reduction of 110,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year. In fact, it is the first transport infrastructure project to be backed by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, which describes it as a model for the future of sustainable low-emission freight infrastructure.

At full capacity, the shift from road to rail will reduce the distance travelled by trucks on NSW roads by an estimated 250,000km every day or more than 90 million kilometres a year.

Qube Holdings owns the Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance (SIMTA) which signed an agreement with Moorebank Intermodal Company in June 2015 for the development of the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal Precinct.

Qube has 100% of the development, operating, property and asset management rights for the project and will develop and operate the open access freight terminal and warehousing precinct under a 99-year lease on the combined Commonwealth and Qube owned sites.

“By partnering with Industry Capability Network, Qube has been able to ensure local organisations have complete visibility of the opportunities that are generated by construction of this $2 billion project,” Greg Pauline, Director – Infrastructure and Property, Qube said.

“The project will deliver over $11 billion in economic benefits via improved productivity and reduced business costs with an expected 6,800 jobs to be created,” he said.

While Qube is the project owner, a number of tier one contractors have been awarded contracts for sections of the project and are working with ICN to source local suppliers.

ICN NSW held an industry briefing in 2017, when the project was first announced, to share information with local suppliers.

“We have been involved from the very start when it was still in planning stage,” ICN NSW consultant Thuy Ho said.

“We have been working with Qube and as more projects within the overall project become available, Qube has been introducing us to whomever has been successful, so we can engage with them to help with local industry participation.”

CPB Contractors has awarded more than 20 contracts worth almost $8.8 million to suppliers from the Liverpool, Campbelltown, Fairfield and Bankstown local government areas. Their scope of work consists of the development of a 2.8 km rail line, along with its required infrastructure, to connect the Import-Export Terminal and Interstate Terminals to the Southern Sydney Freight Line, capable of accommodating trains up to 1,800 m in length. This represents more than 20 per cent of the total contracts and total value issued by CPB Contractors.

Suppliers interested in being involved in Australia’s largest freight infrastructure project are encouraged to register their Expression of Interest on the Moorebank Logistics Park project page on ICN Gateway.

Further information about Moorebank Logistics Park can be found by visiting