Government housing plan targets remote NT residents

The Northern Territory Government has embarked on a project to improve housing in remote communities and is working with ICN NT to ensure local suppliers benefit.

The 10-year $1.1 billion remote housing program “Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes” focuses on local decision making, and engagement and planning with communities to identify their housing needs. The project also aims to create sustainable local employment and training, and help develop Aboriginal businesses.

ICN NT consultant Elena Tsangari said the project’s Gateway page was a “single reference point” for the tenders that have been released and the details of who has been awarded tenders, and provides an avenue for small businesses to gain work through an easy-to-use format.

‘What we really want to do is capture partial scopes to promote lower level opportunities, so if a Territory-based company is not in a position to tender, but wants to know who is winning work and have their details passed on -  they can use Gateway,’ Elena said.

‘The idea is that during the tender period, expressions of interest are open for partial scope, which closes the day tenders due. Once the government notifies ICN of a successful tenderer, we update details on Gateway, email companies that have submitted EOIs, and also pass on those EOIs to an awarded party.

‘We are really targeting smaller businesses who won’t be in a position to tender for works. But they will be in a position to provide services to an awarded party.’

According to Elena, ICN’s involvement in the project comes down to relationships and communication.

‘This project is remote, so we are trying to give as much information as possible where we can, and that really relies on relationships,’ she said

‘We have relationships with Chamber of Commerce, Master Builders Association, regional economic development committees, the NT Indigenous Business Network and more. We can push information on to them, and they can push into communities.’

Not all of the 73 communities throughout the Territory can be engaged at once, so the planning and projects will be rolled out in phases. 

The total investment is funded through four programs:

  • HOMEBUILD NT: $500 million over 10 years for the construction of new public housing.
  • ROOM TO BREATHE: $200 million over 10 years to increase living spaces in existing homes.
  • REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE: $200 million over 10 years for repairs and maintenance.
  • GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE HOUSING: $200 million over 10 years to expand Government Employee Housing to include locally recruited NT Government employees in remote areas.

The Gateway listing will be updated with the roll out of engagement, planning, development of construction contracts, and commencement of works.

‘At this stage, the Gateway page is less about what’s closing and more about being notified when tenders are released,’ Elena said.

For more information, go to the project’s Gateway page. All tenders will be advertised on Quotations and Tenders Online and tenders must be submitted as per NT Government guidelines.