Gateway and data security

ICN has always been committed to ensuring the privacy of our subscribers and, with the General Data Protection Regulations coming into effect in the EU from May 25, you can rest assured that ICN is committed to safeguarding your data.

‘These regulations hold businesses strictly accountable for the transparency and security of any consumer information they possess,’ ICN Limited Executive Director Derek Lark said.

‘While ICN is an Australian organisation, and not subject to the new regulations, we recognise that we hold information on a range of companies and take privacy very seriously.’

In order to support small and medium businesses, ICN collects personally identifiable data, such as email and physical addresses, names, and phone numbers. We also store all the company information that you provide on your ICN Gateway company profile.

‘We use all this information to assess the capabilities of each business that submits an expression of interest. We also pass some company facts and figures on to prospective project owners who may be considering your company for projects,’ Derek said.

‘You can be certain that we treat information entered into your ICN Gateway profile as commercial-in-confidence.’

ICN stores company information on computer servers in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. When we need to transmit personal information (such as a credit card number) to other websites, we use encryption, such as the secure socket layer (SSL) protocol.

A full copy of our privacy statement can be found here.

‘If any subscriber is not satisfied with the way that ICN collects and protects data, they are invited to remove their company profile from ICN Gateway and contact us for options regarding your subscription.’ Derek said.

‘For company’s who choose to remove their profile, it will mean they will not be able to submit any further expressions of interest for projects listed on ICN Gateway.’