Do you know your credit score?

Paid Gateway subscribers have free access to Equifax Score, provided by data analytics company Equifax. And if you're a Be Compelling or Premium subscriber you also get free access to your full credit report - worth $179.

‘The Federal Government’s department of Innovation released a discussion paper in 2013 that showed late payment added financial and administrative costs, reduced the potential for investment opportunities, damaged business relationships and fuelled business uncertainty,’ ICN Limited Executive Director Derek Lark said.

‘As the leader in finding businesses with the right capability to win major projects here and overseas, ICN is well-placed to help Australia small and medium enterprises understand their credit position.

‘This partnership means that not only are we able to offer independent verification of technical expertise, but also of viability.’

Paid Gateway subscribers get free access to their Equifax credit score, giving them a better understanding of their credit rating.

This score, collected from such things as payment information, public filings (for example ASIC), court judgments, payment defaults, collections, and other information helps predict whether you will pay them back on time.

It offers real-time data, so any downloaded information will be dated with that day’s date. This means it is a snapshot of your company to see where you are at, and what your potential partners, suppliers and lenders are seeing.

 ‘Most small or medium businesses don’t even know they have a credit rating, but a good credit rating gives them a boost when tendering for major projects, because you can be certain the large project owners will be undertaking due diligence on all potential subcontractors,’ Derek said.

‘Not only that, a good rating will help you get business finance at a low interest rate, plus favourable payment terms from suppliers.’

 ‘With paid ICN subscriptions starting at $156 a year for our “Be Seen” package, this represents great added value for small and medium business looking to win tenders for big and small projects.’

And for a short time, if you upgrade to either a Be Compelling or a Premium subscription we will give you 20% off. We’ll also give you a credit of your remaining balance to your new subscription. Simply use the voucher SCORE20 when upgrading.

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