Supply chain monitoring and reporting simplified with ICN Analytics

ICN Victoria has launched a secure network platform that collects, analyses and presents local content and jobs’ data.

ICN Analytics provides businesses with a solution to the challenges they face in monitoring and reporting supply chains to meet project requirements. 

Manager – Strategic Projects and Supply Chains Lynn Johnson, said the platform was developed to address crucial supply chain reporting and monitoring challenges. 

‘Three important questions kept popping up when talking to our clients: How do we efficiently monitor the supply chain? Will the project achieve its contracted commitments? And where will the issues be and to what extent?’ Lynn said.

‘We understood the challenges in supply chain monitoring and reporting to meet project contractual obligations, the next step was to find a solution.

‘There was a clear gap in the market and with the help of our team and a talented programmer from ICNL, we created ICN Analytics.

‘The working name as we developed the new program was MRS – Monitoring and Reporting System. While that succinctly explained what the new system did, we needed something more marketable and relatable. We settled on ICN Analytics, and, with branding similar to ICN Gateway, it is immediately recognisable as a trusted ICN product.

‘To give ICN Analytics the best chance at success we are committed to an extensive training program that includes workshops with our clients, classroom style and online training, and a helpdesk.’

ICN Analytics has three core functions. In the simplest of terms, it collects, analyses and presents data.

To collect the information, ICN Analytics provides suppliers with secure logins and passwords to enter their local spend data and employment hours directly into the system. Project structures are easily setup and effortlessly scalable. There is also a friendly reminder when those numbers are due.

ICN Analytics then analyses the data, using automatic data validation which picks up errors on the spot. Data is calculated and forecast against commitments and variances highlighted. 

Finally, the data is presented in both dashboard and excel spreadsheet formats. The platform also pinpoints and colour codes in the project structure where variances are in the supply chain.

ICN Analytics seamlessly integrates with existing systems and provides a solution to monitoring and reporting challenges, taking what can be an arduous task for contractors and suppliers and making it simple, consistent and most importantly compliant.

ICN Victoria provides a service that is strongly anchored around its people, their combined knowledge and expertise coupled with the right tools and systems that streamline processes. As a result, the ICN team has clear insights on projects, industry engagement and supply chains, and the challenges of working in this space.

To find out more about ICN Analytics, send an email to or call 03 6864 6700.