Australia-wide briefings for Future Submarine Program

In a bid to maximise local content in the Future Submarine Program, French Shipbuilder, Naval Group (formerly DCNS), along with Department of Defence and Lockheed Martin, has been holding industry briefings across the country, including most recently Perth and Hobart.

According to ICN Perth Consultant, Daniel Holbrook, attendees at the Perth session heard about the range of opportunities available in the program and how to be involved.

‘The Australian and French governments have signed an agreement and we expect to see a detailed design of the submarines by mid-2020, with construction from 2022-23,’ Daniel said.

‘The first submarine will begin service in the early 2030s with construction of the last submarine in the 2050s with sustainment continuing until the 2080s. The project aims to maximise Australian Industry Participation, as well as see a transfer of technology and skills from France to Australia.’

In a press release on Naval Group’s website, Sean Costello, Chief Executive Officer, of then DCNS Australia said the French shipbuilder’s vision was to deliver a ‘regionally superior submarine for Australia’s sovereign operation and sustainment and maximise local industry participation’. 

“In order to achieve this, we will build a supply chain in Australia that has the in-country capability to deliver the products, services and know-how to keep the submarines capable and available on an enduring basis,” he said.

As of late last year, Naval Group had issued 600 requests for information from 145 companies in Australia and 25 Australian companies had passed the first audit to be considered appropriate to participate in the supply chain activities.

All submarines will be built in Australia at Techport in Adelaide and Naval Group has established an Australia office in Keswick, on the south-west outskirts of the CBD, with Jean-Michel Billig appointed Executive Director to work with the Commonwealth of Australia on the Australian Future Submarine Program. 

Industry briefings will continue in Sydney on October 4 and Darwin October 24.

For information on the Future Submarines Project and industry briefings, download a brochure here.

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