Future proofing healthcare in Logan

ICN Qld has been working closely with John Holland to identify local suppliers for the Logan Hospital Expansion project.

With Logan being one of the state’s fastest growing regions, this expansion will future proof hospital facilities for patients, visitors and staff.

Planned work includes:

  • adding 4 levels – three clinical and one for plant – to Building 3
  • converting the current Building 3 ground level carpark into extra clinic and service spaces
  • extensive refurbishing and repurposing of clinical, clinical support and operational services in Building 1
  • minor refurbishing of Building 2
  • installing a new high-voltage power feed to the site to support the expanded services.

John Holland has been seeking registration of interest via ICN Gateway while awaiting the investment decision on the detailed design from Metro South Health, expected late this year. Some early work packages may be awarded before the final decision on the design.

Once complete, the planned expansion will deliver a range of improved clinical services and patient facilities, including:

  • five 32-bed inpatient units consisting of single and double bedrooms with ensuites, and one 16-bed intensive care unit
  • an 8-bed coronary care unit with room for future expansion
  • a new acute care of the elderly unit
  • a new education and training space including a simulation suite and a range of clinical support departments
  • an extra 13 short-stay emergency department beds
  • administrative offices
  • a 24-bed and 9-chair transit care hub
  • a new satellite medical imaging service
  • a 14-bed palliative care inpatient ward
  • extra beds in the adult acute mental health unit
  • a new 9-chair chemotherapy services collocated with 14 same-day treatment bays and a small satellite pharmacy.

John Holland uses ICN Gateway to post specific packages as they are released. To keep up to date, register on the Logan Hospital Expansion Project gateway page.