Correctional centre expansion to boost prison capacity

ICN Queensland is working with the Queensland Government and John Holland to source local suppliers for the $653 million expansion of the Southern Queensland Correctional Precinct.

The site had originally been planned as four separate correction centres. However, only the Southern Queensland Correctional Centre, a 300 bed women’s correctional centre, is operational.

At the time that was built some nine years ago, the infrastructure to support a future 1000-bed men’s centre was also designed and constructed, including:

  • roads and carparking for both staff and visitors
  • infrastructure for power, potable water, wastewater, storm water and recycled water
  • external buildings such as including visitor processing, staff amenities, staff training, dog squad and central services
  • bulk earthworks for the building platform.

Stage two now has the green light and will:

  • address overcrowding across the correctional system in Queensland
  • improve safety of correctional officers and prisoners
  • deliver economic boost and additional jobs during both construction and operation.

The Queensland Government has also confirmed the new correctional centre will adopt a ‘health and rehabilitation’ operating model. This supports safer communities through enhanced mental health, as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation, services for prisoners. It focuses on addressing the ice epidemic and its link to violent and property crime.

The project is expected to be completed in 2023.

For more information, go to the Southern Queensland Correctional Precinct Gateway page.