LNG supply chain opportunities at your fingertips

Businesses interested in supplying to the Australian LNG facilities will benefit from an updated report being launched at the AOG conference in Perth.

First published in 2013, ICN WA’s “Operations, Maintenance and Facilities Management of Australian LNG Facilities” is a comprehensive list of companies that may outsource work for LNG opportunities.

ICN WA consultant Linus O’Brien said the first publication was initiated as ICN wanted suppliers to understand the best connection for them to offer their services or goods.

“In a lot of instances, these companies were targeting the wrong contact. They should not be speaking to a Woodside, Chevron or Conoco Phillips. The pathway for the delivery of their core competency was via another channel,” Linus said.

“The goal of the publication is to have the contractors bidding and wining the tenders direct with the LNG operators to identify the items of their respective packages that they outsource.”

“ICN’s process was to first list the major packages which has been provided by companies currently operating onshore Australian LNG plants, ICN enquiry information and contract providers supplying the notional operational and maintenance work. ICN then identified companies that that had either won or tendered these major packages.

In order to get a detailed understanding of their subcontractor needs, ICN asked those companies “what do you outsource?”

The report gives Australian sub suppliers of services and goods an awareness of the increased range of opportunities that are in general available for the key operations and maintenance requirements of a typical onshore operational LNG facility.

“The idea of the publication is that businesses can go in to the electronic PDF, type in their core competencies and get an idea of where that items sits in an onshore oil and gas operation, and more importantly, what companies they need to talk to about it.”

Operators of Australian LNG facilities have provided funding for the update.

“Oil and gas operators continually referred to that first publication and found it very valuable,” Linus said, adding that operators would regularly refer businesses to the publication.

Australia currently has 20 operating LNG export onshore plants and a single offshore floating LNG facility, with total capacity of 87.8 million tonnes a year. Several plants are also considering future growth.

“Since we released the first publication in 2013, we have seen an incredible increase in the operation of LNG plants throughout Australia. So, therefore we have seen a huge increase in the number of packages the operators put out and that has increased the opportunities for Australian businesses,” Linus said.

The update has included all the operations in WA, Northern Territory and Queensland.

View the report here