Shoalhaven suppliers get first-hand industry information

Members of the Shoalhaven Defence Industry Group have received first-hand information about upcoming projects and opportunities for local industry, thanks to a meet and greet organised by ICN NSW.

The event, held in August at the Global Defence Solutions facilities in Nowra, brought together representatives from Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and Spanish shipbuilder Navantia to speak to local businesses.

ICN consultant Wally Hirsch said events such as this are the perfect opportunity for local suppliers to be seen by primes and larger organisations. ‘This is a big part of what ICN stands for and goes a long way to increasing local content in major projects,’ he said.

ANSTO presented on its services to industry in general. The audience heard that ANSTO provides world-class research infrastructure and expertise in the manufacturing, energy, health, environment and defence sectors.

Defence manufacturing is increasingly dependent on deep understanding of advanced materials and how they perform in critical components under challenging conditions.

The audience were told that the facilities and expertise of ANSTO give Australian industry a competitive edge on a world stage, and that ANSTO is keen to work with the Shoalhaven Defence Industry Group, and as many companies in the region as possible.

ANSTO’s landmark facilities such as the Australian Synchrotron and the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering are heavily frequented by the ‘best and brightest’ of Australian Science and Industry.  The organisation is a critical driver for Australian development of sovereign capability.

In 2016 Navantia was awarded the contract to build two auxiliary oiler replenishment ships (AORs) that will replace existing vessels HMAS Success and HMAS Sirius and will be known as the Supply Class. 

Andrew Warner, Supply Chain Australianisation Lead at Navantia Australia said it was always “worthwhile getting out of Sydney and engaging with the wider Defence industry and this event was no different.

“It was a great opportunity to network and learn from others that have overcome some of the issues that we all face, at times.”

Andrew thanked Global Defence Solutions for the sponsoring the event and for the quick look at their current projects. “It was great seeing proper camouflage again.”