Behind the scenes at ICN

While Gateway is Australia’s best platform for SMEs to secure work, ICN offers subscribers so much more than a directory listing. Every day we work with local suppliers and project managers to help save valuable time and money in the procurement process. We also help to secure billions of dollars in contracts and jobs that may otherwise have gone overseas.

‘A lot of the work our consultants do is behind the scenes and confidential,’ ICN NT Industry Adviser Elena Tsangari said.

‘For more than 30 years, we have been the pivotal connection between major projects and local suppliers.’

Although a basic Gateway listing means your profile will not be seen publicly, it is still accessible to our consultants, which means they can see if you match capabilities they are looking for.

‘Our consultants have access to the full ICN database, which is not publically accessible. That’s the system we use to find suppliers. Using keywords to describe your business makes it easier for us to find you when we’re looking for the capabilities your business offers. We also use the other information in your profile, such as your previous significant projects, accreditations and insurances, so it is important to keep your company profile up-to-date and ensure it accurately reflects your current capability.’

On top of performing business matching, ICN Consultants are on the road visiting projects and suppliers and hosting information briefings.

Based throughout Australia, they work on both sides of the supply chain, and are deeply knowledgeable about local industry and national opportunities.

They can help with creating and updating your profile, responding to EOI’s and streamlining the whole process.

For larger projects, it is not unusual for an ICN consultant to be embedded with the major project owner to source suppliers that meet the project’s requirements. This includes complying with local, regional and Indigenous participation policies, at both State and Federal level. We also help with any reporting requirements and clarifying Government expectations,

Businesses can choose to upgrade their subscription through one of our Business Boosting packages, and get even more exposure to key contract providers. ICN Gateway attracts more than 100,000 visitors every month.

For more information, go to and select the ‘Our network’ link to find your state-based office. Or give us a call on 1300 961 139.