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Level 5, 56 Station Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
+61 13 0055 3551

ABN  90137363636

Company Profile

Energy Action is Australia’s leading independent energy management company, offering comprehensive buying and management services aimed at reducing energy usage and saving businesses money. At Energy Action we help you understand and take control of your energy needs by: Helping you procure the best deal for your energy needs. For example, our reverse auction platform, the Australian Energy Exchange (AEX), achieves an average of 6.8% savings*; Managing your energy contracts, including validating bills, ensuring that you are on the best tariff reporting and 24/7 access through the web or mobile app; Working with you to substantially reduce your energy usage – this usually starts with an energy audit and is the only real way to reduce your energy spend and at the same time help the environment; And helping you become more self-sufficient with onsite generation. In many cases our onsite solar solutions are delivering a 6 year payback.

Products and Services

Energy procurement
Energy auctions
Energy contract management
Energy contract monitoring
Gas procurement
Gas contract management
Gas contract monitoring
Energy efficiency and sustainability projects


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