Company Profile

ULBREC designs, develops and manufactures Engineered Protection for pipeline equipment and fluid quality, bringing 60 years of experience to your most demanding requirements. ULBREC permanent/cleanable filtration media, centrifugal separation and integrated pressure vessel based filtration systems are State of the Art, High Integrity, Easy to Maintain and Energy Efficient. The ULBREC team is totally focused on delivering advanced solutions with Technical Integrity, Rapid Response and Transparency. ULBREC exports are still building on more than 30 years of sustained success, selling and supporting Australian-manufactured Engineered Protection in demanding international markets. The extensive ULBREC Reference List includes thousands of applications with Tier One customers in the following industry segments; Oil & Gas, LNG, petrochemical Minerals processing Water and wastewater treatment Power generation Food, beverage & pharmaceutical Pumping manufacturers & integrators

Products and Services

ULBREC ABW/ASCDME series Self-Cleaning permanent media filters.
ULBREC HPD series Duplex permanent media filters
ULBREC Y-type, Tee-type, temporary cone/basket & PS Pump Suction series strainers.
ULBREC Activated Carbon Columns & Sand Filters.
ULBREC Veelok Quick Opening Closures, Couplings, Manholes, Hatches, Vents and Arresters.
ULBREC Goliath Separators - for separation of liquids from gas, air or steam.


Weld Procedures and corresponding welder qualifications to Australian and international standards; AS3992 and ASME IX.
Hazard level assessment to AS4343.
Design, manufacture and testing to AS1210, AS4458, AS4037.
Design verification and Worksafe registration.
ASME VIII design, ASME IX manufacturing.
ANSI B31.3 compliance.